What Gear Does Crashpad Use?

We got a call in late 2019 for a set of LED headlight replacements for Brett’s GQ Patrol. Being only 20 minutes north of our office on the Sunshine Coast, Brett decided he would make the trip down to pick up his headlights.

Needless to say, he was impressed by the quality of the gear and proceeded to
fit the other vehicles in the Crashpad fleet out.


Toyota Landcruiser 79 Dual Cab

The long-distance tourer. The LC79 is set up with more water and fuel storage, a larger canopy and more cabin space. Brett often departs at dusk to hunt down serious kilometres in treacherous conditions and thus required the Icon LED Driving Lights accompanied by a roof-mounted light bar.



CrashPad Gear
CrashPad Gear
CrashPad Canopy Door CL79 - Amber


Nissan GQ Patrol

It stinks, it’s grumpy and it’s old. The Crashpad GQ has become a company Heirloom, and for good reason. No matter where it goes, it fits right in at home.



CrashPad Gear - GQ Patrol
CrashPad Gear - GQ Patrol

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