Poor Bluetooth Range - X-RGB Rock Light Kit

Why do I have poor Bluetooth range on my X-RGB Kit?

The Teralume Industries X-RGB kits are primarily operated by your iOS or Andriod device via the Bluetooth App.

How far should I be able to operate my RGB kit from?

Typically speaking, 8-10 metres of connectivity range is expected, providing there is no major interference.

I am only getting 1 or 2 meters range, what's going on?

Given the expected range, 1 or 2 meters of connectivity range is the result of enormous interference causing the signal to become jammed or weak. One of the biggest causes of interference is metal, mainly steel.

If you're getting a poor signal, you may have your module too close to other accessories causing the signal to become weak. 


Mounting Options and Advice

Under bonnet mounting:

If your Underlight X Bluetooth module is mounted in the engine bay, you will have to consider a mounting position that isn't near bulk wiring, steel or the battery. All these things can interfere with the clarity of the Bluetooth signal. 

Of course, this may be challenging given the engine bay is covered in wiring and steel; however, mounting the module in the freest and clear area possible will help gain maximum range.

Canopy/Toolbox mounting:

If you're using your kit for canopy and camp lighting, you may need to mount your module in the depths of your canopy or tub. This shouldn't pose any issues to where and how you mount your module; just follow the same guide as above.