$12,990 / $51 PW
XGO™ Lite

The XGOLite offers the core essentials for the work hard play hard enthusiasts!

• 1780mm XGO Tray
• 1700mm XGO Canopy
• X-Strip LED Lighting Package

Choose From (either or both):
• XGORear Wheel Carrier
• XGOJerry Can Holder

AUD $12,990 / $51 PW

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Get Expedition Ready

Introducing the XGO™ Lite - the ultimate adventure package for the Aussies on the move. The XGO™ Lite Package includes our 1780mm Tray and 1700mm Canopy with the choice of our Expedition Wheel Carrier or Pivot Jerry Can Holder. Designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, our dual cab tray is made of heavy-duty aluminium, featuring a 6mm ladder frame chassis and reinforced tie down points for secure gear storage on off-road adventures. Our canopies are coated with UV stable coatings, easy to install, and perfect for protecting your gear from the elements.

The Lite package is ideal for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities in the rugged Australian outback. Upgrade your 4WD with the XGO™ Lite package and get ready for your next adventure.

XGO™ Lite Package Inclusions

The XGO™ Aluminium Tray has all the features you could ever want. No need to accessorise your tray with add-ons, the XGO™ Tray has it all. Designed and engineered in Australia, the ultra-strong 6mm ladder frame chassis gives our tray strength without the weight!


• 2.5mm 5052 Marine Grade Aluminium Sheet
• Engineered 6mm Ladder Frame Chassis
• 42mm Flared Wheel Guards
• Durable & UV Stable Satin Black Powder Coating
• Adjustable Vehicle Chassis Fitment
• Full Length Sealed & Lockable Trundle Drawer
• Sealed & Lockable Tapered Toolboxes on Rear Quarters
• Compression Whale Tail Locks
• Integrated 35L Fresh Water Tank
• IP69 Waterproof Teralume LED Combination Lamps
• Integrated Recessed Tie Down Points
• 3 Year Structural Warranty
The XGO™ Canopy range is the ultimate storage solution for work and play. Designed and engineered in Australia, the XGO™ is built to withstand the toughest conditions and ready for any adventure. The fully braced and TIG welded design offers enormous strength while still being lightweight.

• Constructed from 2.5mm 5052 Marine Grade Aluminium, the canopy is durable and built to withstand the elements
• Fully internally braced with 50x50x3.0mm RHS for added rigidity
• Automotive powdercoat for added durability and UV protection
• Fully braced gull-wing doors with lock protection for easy access and security
• Adjustable door height with twin gas struts for convenient use
• Equipped with twin Whale Locks compression locks for added security
• Full-length stainless piano hinge with a unique gutter design for durability
• Automotive rubber pinch weld seals for a tight and secure seal
• 2 lift-off points on each corner for easy installation and removal
• Comes with a 3-year structural warranty for peace of mind.

Upgrade your storage solution with the XGO™ Canopy range today. It is the perfect companion for all your adventures, inspiring you to go further, explore more and live your best life.

Dimensions: 1800mm Wide x 850mm High x 1700mm Long

Weight: 170KG
The XGO™ Aluminium Wheel Carrier is a versatile and fully adjustable bolt-on wheel mount that can be used with any canopy or vehicle. Our carrier allows for full height and depth adjustment with multiple increments, giving you the flexibility to get the perfect fit for your tyre and wheel. This feature allows you to carry an extra spare wheel in your canopy or vehicle without taking up any extra space.

• Fits up to 40inch Tyre
• 5mm 5052 Marine Grade Aluminium
• 13 Stage / 300mm Adjustability - Tyre Mount
• 9 Stage / 160mm Adjustability - Base
• 6x Fixing Points with Top Guide
• Light Weight Aluminium Design - Only 12.8kg
• 3 Year Structural Warranty

Dimensions: 220mm Wide x 780mm High x 235mm Deep
Weight: 12.8 KG
The XGO™ Aluminium Jerry Can Holder is designed to make it easy to load and unload jerry cans at any tray height. Its unique pivot design allows it to pivot while mounted flat to the tray floor, reducing stress on the mounting surface. The holder is made of 3mm 5052 marine grade aluminium sheet, and it can be locked to keep your fuel and water safe. It is compatible with ProQuip or plastic jerry cans and comes with a 3-year structural warranty.

• 3mm 5052 Marine Grade Aluminium Sheet
• Keep your Fuel and Water Safe - Lockable
• Pivot Design - Easy to Load & Unload
• Fits 20L ProQuip or Plastic Jerry Cans
• 3 Year Structural Warranty

Dimensions: 410mm Wide x 600mm High x 210mm Deep

Weight: 6 KG
Our kit offers all the gear you'll need to get the job done. We've sold our canopy lighting kits to thousands of customers and know exactly what works!

• 2x 90cm X-Strip Dual Colour LED Strip Lights
• 1x Magic Touch Dimmer & Base
• 1x 12v Battery Power Cable
• 1x 1 to 2 Way Power Splitter Cable
• 2x 1m Power Extension Cable
• 1x 3m Power Extension Cable

35L Fresh Water Tank

Fresh water is always welcome on big trips, or the work site. Enjoy our hidden 35L fresh water tank stowed away in the headboard.

Full Sized Trundle Drawer

By using the headboard for water storage, we have now the room for a full length lockable trundle drawer and table.

Compression Locks

Two lockable compression locks are fitted to each door as standard, offering significant sealing qualities during harsh and rough conditions.

Strong Ladder Chassis

The XGO™ Tray offers significant levels of strength with out the weight due to the unique 6mm braced and gusseted ladder frame chassis.

Mutli-Fit Design

Adjustable chassis to chassis mounting system allows easy fitment to any dual cab ute without the need for custom fabrication or cutting.

Tie Down Points

Integrated recessed tie down points on each side of the tray allow extra tray bed usability for trade, fleet or recreation use.

Camera and Sensor Relocation

At Teralume Industries, we understand the importance of safety features in your vehicle. That's why we have developed a unique solution that allows us to relocate OE safety features such as reverse cameras, 360 cameras, blind spot monitors, cross-traffic monitors, and reverse proximity parking sensors. This means you don't have to compromise on safety when upgrading your vehicle with one of our high-quality trays or canopies.

Our experienced fitment centres are equipped with the technical expertise and parts to ensure your safety features are relocated correctly, so you can have peace of mind on the road.
  • PX1, 2 & 3 Ranger
  • Next Gen Ranger / Raptor
  • Volkswagen Amarok 2012+ Including 2023 new release
  • Dmax / BT50 2012+
  • Toyota Hilux N80 with and without 360 camera
  • GWM Canon with and without 360 camera
  • LDV T60 with and without 360 camera
  • Holden RG Colorado
  • Mitsubishi Triton MR, MN
  • Nissan Navara D23 NP300 (inc BSM)
A common reason for needing to relocate sensors is when installing an aftermarket tray or canopy on a vehicle that already has OE safety features installed. The sensors, such as reverse proximity parking sensors, blind spot monitors, cross-traffic monitors, and cameras, are typically located on the original tray or bumper of the vehicle, which is often removed when installing an aftermarket tray or canopy. Relocating the sensors allows the safety features to continue functioning as intended, ensuring the safety of the driver and other road users.
In most cases, the sensors cannot simply be bolted back up anywhere. The sensors are typically designed to work within specific parameters and have specific requirements for their location and orientation in order to function properly. If the sensors are not relocated correctly, they may not work as intended, or they may not work at all. This could result in a loss of functionality or even a potential safety hazard. Therefore, it's important to have the sensors relocated by a qualified professional who understands the requirements and can ensure that they are installed correctly.