8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights

8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights


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The Icon 8.5" Inch is our full-sized LED Driving Light, offering an enormous distance from a full-sized platform. You can expect clean, white light emitted a long way down the road while providing a subtle spread to the shoulders of the road.

• 1,886m @ 1LUX / Pair
• 19,244 Raw Lumens Each / 38,488 Pair
• 170w / 12.8A @ 12V DC Each
• Stealth Covers Included
• 5-Year Replacement Warranty

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Master Of The Night

We pushed the limits of lighting performance in 2019 with the release of the Icon LED Driving Lights, and we’ve just done it again. The Icon Generation 2 is the most potent LED Driving Light on the market, period.

Featuring Osram ultra-high output LEDs, precision designed reflector housing and a compact, heavy-duty housing and bracket system, The Icon Generation 2 is the most powerful and robust LED driving light for enthusiasts on the move.

Brighter, For Longer.

Both Icon's feature an advanced 4 stage dynamic thermal managment system. To put it simply, we can almost instantly throttle the current flow through the printed circuit board (PCB) to ensure our lights are consistantly pushing out as much light as possible. Many others will take up to 30 minutes to react to thermal instability and by that time the damage is done and it's too late.

We speak to so many people that note their lights are no longer what they used to be. They often think it's their perception but are often surprised to learn that their lights are starting to fail from inproper thermal managment. At Teralume, we understand the science behind lights, and what drives them and keep them going for a long time! It's part of our DNA!

Dedicated To Distance

The next generation of Icon leads the way of performance and power, emitting 19,244 lumens each with 1,886 meters of projection per pair. We've integrated 33 of the 2022's latest LED tech, the KW range by Osram. The KW's are leading the way producing more luminous flux per mm2 than any commercially available LED in the sector - Impressive huh!

Forget other brands claiming to be the best, Osram consistently rule the roost, making the brightest and most reliable LEDs available. Osram are one of the experienced and most utilised light emitting diode manufactures in the world. We can be sure that when we insist to our engineers on Osram, we know it's the very best.

Like Day Light, Literally

We've spoken to thousands of you that have had told us your war stories of your harsh 'blue' driving lights that just make you want to stay off the road at night. We believe that you should be able drive all night behind your Icon's which is why we pay extra attention to the BIN rating and colour temperature of the LEDs we use. After all, a good set of lights may be let down by a nasty LEDs to save cost!

To ensure your experience is just like driving in the day, the Icons are equipped with ultra-high output 5700k Osram KW CLEMM emitters. The 5700k is specifically chosen to offer a day like experience with a high colour rendering index (CRI). A blue hue is noticed if the colour temperature is optioned too high (6000-6700k), and a strange red hue if the colour temperature is too low (4700k - 5000k).

You can expect a clean and clear white light when driving behind the Icons. Our customers believe we've got it absolutely spot on!

Built To Last Through Generations

We’ve got the right things front of mind. We’ve retained the simple and well-built nature of the Icon as we’ve moved through generations. As a driver, you need to see potential hazards and to feel confident in the night drive ahead. Any additional technology or clip on accessories just adds to the complexity of something that should be simple.

Once again, we’ve kept it simple. Our tried and trusted 5mm bracket with three-point mounting system has been revised and retained while reducing lamp housing weight 21.3%. We know you’ll be using your Icon Generation 2s, so we’ve made improvements to the single piece Dow Corning seal with a thicker and wider contact surface for the lens to mate.

A special Makrolon Polycarbonate material and coating has been integrated into the Icon Generation 2 to ensure your lens stays clear and protected from UV for many years to come.

An Iconic Breed

The Icon Generation 2 is laced with the same Iconic DNA as our first-generation Icon, however, we made some additions! You've asked, we've listened! The next generation of Icon now comes with black out stealth covers for a more covert appearance with an easy single movement clip off system.

The Finer Details

• 170w / 14.1A @ 12V DC Each (12.8A When Thermally Stable)
• 19,244 Raw Lumens Each / 38,488 Pair
• 33 Premium 'bin' KW Osram LEDs
• 5700k True White Colour Temperature
• Ultra-Reflective Vacuum-Metallised Spot Reflector
• 28G/IK09 Impact & Vibration Rated
• IP69K Water Tight - 3.0M Submersion
• CISPR 25 Category 5 Noise Suppression
• 5 Year Replacement Warranty
• Supplied with Quick-Fit Wiring Harness
• Stealth Black Covers Available
• 5 Year Replacement Warranty

• Pair of Teralume Industries™ Icon LED Gen 2 Driving Lights
• Pair of Teralume Industries™ Icon G2 Black Out Covers
• Quick-Fit Plug n Play Wiring Harness - H4 & HB3 Connectors to High Beam
• Bolts, Washers and Nuts for the Bracket Base
• Wiring and Fitting Instructions

Do the Icon G2's come with a wiring harness?

Absolutely. The Icon G2s come with our Quick Fit Driving Light Harness with HB3 and H4 high beam adaptors.

Do you have covers for the Icon G2s?

Yes, we do. At stage we have black clip over covers only.

Are they brighter than others on the market?

By a long shot! The Icon G2s outperform every compariable product on the market.

Do you sell single driving lights?

Not at this stage, we will be in the future however!

Are they water proof?

Of course, they're fully sealed and weather proof. UV resistant coatings also protect from UV exposure.

What's your warranty?

We have a 5 year replacement warranty + a 30 day money back guarantee.

Do you only have one beam pattern?

We only do a spot beam in the Icon Gen 2, aimed specifically at customers who need a dedicated driving light.

How many watts are they?

Each lamp is 170w / 12.8 amp.

Do you sell an anti theft kit for these?

Indeed! We have the option of buying a anti theft kit for the Icon G2s.


Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
Luke W.

These lights deserve a 10 star review. I got the Icon 2’s within 3 business days. The next day I fitted them, coming from XTM Helios… I was absolutely amazed by the light output! The quality is great as well. Every cent was worth the purchase. I will be buying a lightbar from you in the coming months as well.


I bought this lights last week on Wednesday. Received them on Monday. Got them fitted on Tuesday. Tonight I went on my first drive with them, coming from XTM Helio’s to these amazing Icon Gen 2 spotties makes a MASSIVE difference to night driving. The light output shocked me, I was able to see a long way down the road, sign glare is minimum with these. Teralume, keep up the good work! I will be buying a lightbar to put on my roof in a month or two. WOW THESE ARE AMAZING!!!

nicolas e.
Feels illegal they are that bright

Awesome product highly recommend would be good if yous brought out a spread cover and a clear cover

Neil M.
Teralume new icons

Well I'm going to do more a story and review in one.. Going from a person that really loves lights and I've had them all from the good old halogen lights then moved to the hid then went to LEDs. Now I have to say with previous LEDs I've had no my car with the cheaper brands.. They where OK at first when I put them on but as time went on I notice they where hurting my eyes with the 6700k of light.. They where very bright but the reflections from road signs where really bad and another thing is I notice was the bugs that was attracted to the lights.. But other then that I was happy ish lol.. But one day I was watching my fix of 4wd action and Shauno was doing a segment on the new teralume lights that's just come out.. Well I jumped on there web page as I've never heard of teralume, so had a little look and thought to myself this product is not very expensive at all not like other well known brands of LEDs.. So I put in a order of a new light car for the roof rack of my Nissan patrol.. And when I got it I bolted it on. And as for a new light I ike to wait till it was dark lol.. So once the night time came I went out on my little night light drive. And once I turned it on I was gobbled smacked.. The first thing I noticed was how clear it is and then also noticed that there was way less glare from road signs and the main thing was I noticed was I wasn't staining my eyes.. But ill go back a little when I was wiring it up I did have a little trouble (lose wire in the switch) I called up the guys from teralume and was on the phone to them for quite a while.. I've got my little problem sorted pretty quick but just having a chat on the phone to the guys and it was like having a long chat to one of my good mates.. That's just the sort of people they are.. Very friendly and very helpful.. Best customer service I've ever had,, that's the 100%truth.. And I placed a order for there new icons that was on the way.. And once they did arrive brenton gave me a call straight away to let me know they were in.. So I placed my order and they said they were being dispatched next Wednesday.. So the wait begins lol.. I got a email on Tuesday afternoon saying they were on there way with shipit ..now the excitement was happening.. I went for a fish on Friday and when I came home the courier just pulled up with my new icons.. I put my boat in the garage and thought ill get to that later,, and got straight into installing my new lights.. Well again I had to wait till night fall.. So yeah once night fall hit I went and gave them a test run.. And well the smile on my face was that big it was hurting.. And I was very amazed on how nice and bright they where.. But I will say they are by far the best lights I've ever seen and for a very affordable and didn't break the bank ..so I've just took a couple of photos on my phone one with just the icons and the other with the icons and light bar.. But really the pictures don't do any justice on how good they are.. So I would like to thank Dan and brenton and the guys from teralume for the hard work they put into there lights.. Well done guys you have nailed them 100% ..if you made me happy well you done something right ..(my missus calls me Goldiloks lol as she said that I'm never happy.. Well darling this time I am..) so once again guys thank you so much for everything.. Ill be back with more good quality lights.. Cheers Neil

Ben C.
Great lights

Very bright, great spot beam pattern, great value for money

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