Ford Ranger Next Gen T6.2 Dual Cab

Designed for both leisure and work, Teralume trays & canopies offer flexible storage options, effective weatherproofing, and enhanced security for your equipment. Our diverse canopy line-up ensures you find a canopy that fits your specific needs and boosts the visual appeal of your Ford Ranger Next Gen.

Constructed to withstand tough Australian conditions, Teralume XGO™ products are made from 5052 aluminium, providing a reliable solution you can depend on for years. Confidently protect your investment with a 10-year structural guarantee, supported by Teralume's excellent aftersales service.

Ford Ranger T6.2 Tray
XGO™ Tray Features
  • One-Piece 3mm Tray Floor
  • Integrated Tie Down Points On Sides
  • Lockable Pull-Out Full Length Trundle Drawer
  • Lockable Under Tray Toolbox Drawers
  • Integrated Headboard 35L Water Tank & Faucet
  • Integrated Teralume Fuel Filler Design
  • Twin Sequential LED Tail Lights
  • 6mm Structural Frame
  • Optional Tray Side Boards
  • Built Tough With a 10 Year Structural Guarantee
Ford Ranger T6.2 Canopy
XGO™ Canopy Features
  • 2.5mm 5052 Marine Grade Aluminium Skin
  • Fully internally braced with 50 x 50 x 3mm Unistrut
  • Automotive matte powder coat for added durability and UV protection
  • Fully braced gull-wing doors with lock protection.
  • Adjustable door height with twin gas struts.
  • Whale Locks compression locks for added security.
  • Full-length stainless piano hinge with a unique gutter design.
  • Automotive rubber pinch weld seals for a tight and secure seal.
  • 2 lift-off points on each corner for easy installation and removal.
  • Built Tough With a 10 Year Structural Guarantee
Ford Ranger Next Gen T6.2
Internal Fitout

Check out how Teralume Industries can deck out your Ford Ranger Next Gen for work trips or weekend getaways:

  • Lighting: We’ve got all sorts of lights to keep your setup bright, from cool adjustable strip lights and handy surface lights to tough work lights.
  • Fridge Setups: Need a fridge in your canopy? We fit Bushman fridges right into your setup. We usually fit the upright 85L, perfect for keeping things cool without taking up too much space.
  • Drawer Systems: Keep your gear tidy with our drawer systems. They’re tough, they lock, and they make grabbing your stuff easy.

We make sure everything fits right and looks good, so you can just load up and go without a fuss!

Ford Ranger Next Gen T6.2
External Fitout

Here’s how we can gear up the outside of your Ford Ranger Next Gen for any adventure:

  • Wheel Holder: Our adjustable wheel holder fits up to a 40" spare. It’s easy to adjust, lockable and built tough.
  • Jerry Can Holder: Keep extra fuel or water handy with our lockable jerry can holder. It’s tough and lockable, so you don’t have to worry about your jerry's going anywhere.
  • Folding Ladder: Need to reach the roof? Our folding ladder makes it easy with the integrated rear step. It tucks away when you don’t need it, so it doesn’t get in the way.
  • Roof Racks and Rails: Load up more gear with our roof racks and rails. They’re strong and ready for anything you want to strap on.
  • Rack Lighting: Light up the night with our rack lighting. Whether you’re setting up camp or just need to find something on the roof, these lights have got you covered.

We make sure everything on the outside is just as ready to go as you are. Just pack up and hit the road!

Ford Ranger Next Gen T6.2
Electrical Fitout

Enhance your Ford Ranger Next Gen with our comprehensive electrical fitout solutions, designed to keep you powered up and ready for any adventure:

  • Lithium Batteries: Choose from our range of lithium batteries, available from 110ah to 470ah, ensuring you have the power you need for any trip.
  • Power Distribution Hub: Manage all your vehicle’s power needs efficiently with our power distribution hub. It's designed to keep your electrical system organized and easy to use.
  • LED Lighting Fitouts: Illuminate your vehicle with our top-notch LED lighting solutions, including dimmable dual-color strip lights, X1 surface lights, and Charge work lights, so you’re never left in the dark.
  • Victron Inverters: Victron 2kva and 3kva inverters allow you to convert DC to AC power, perfect for running standard household appliances on the go.
  • Solar Solutions: Stay charged wherever you are with our solar regulators and panel installations. Harness the power of the sun to keep your batteries topped up and ready to go.
  • Compressors and Tank Installation: For air tools or tire inflation, our compressor and tank setups are essential, providing reliable air supply whenever you need it.
Bushwakka Adventure Gear
RTT & Awning Options

Teralume Industries is proud to offer Bushwakka rooftop tents and awnings as a preferred supplier. Experience the highest quality fitouts with durable, easy-to-use products like the Big Shack rooftop tent and Extreme 270 awning, ensuring comfort and protection from the elements.

Rooftop Tents

  • Durability: Constructed with 900 Denier Polyester Canvas, waterproof, and UV50+.
  • Comfort: Features a 7.5cm memory foam mattress with an anti-condensation mat.
  • Convenience: Quick setup with gas strut assisted double-pop design.
  • Accessories: Includes three cross bars for solar or accessory mounting, interior roof-ring lighting (white and amber), and a 2.3m telescoping ladder.


  • Coverage: Provides 270 or 180 degrees of coverage with a robust aluminium ENDO frame.
  • Lighting: Built-in LED light arms with white and amber options.
  • Material: Made from 900 Denier Polyester Canvas, waterproof, and UV50+.
  • Setup: One-man setup and pack down, includes a built-in leg and quick-release rope ratchets for tensioning.

Ready For The Next Step?

Transform your Ford Ranger Next Gen into the ultimate off-road tourer with our premium tray and canopy options. Engineered for durability and functionality, our canopies are perfect for all your off-road adventures. Contact us today to customize your fitout and gear up for your next journey.