The Ultimate Camp Light Buyers Guide

Teralume offers a comprehensive range of LED strips lights, work lights and accessories that suit 4x4's, camping, off grid homes, caravan and camper trailers and marine enthusiasts. Whether you're upgrading the lighting on your current setup or designing a brand new fit out or system, our guide will offer a full overview on what to look for, and how to fit out the ultimate lighting setup.

X1 Surface Mount LED Work Lights

The X1 will be your most valuable friend after the sun goes down. Ultra-bright with a range of bolt-on accessories, the X1 range is the best DIY area light available!

How many do I need?

  • Dual Cab Canopies – 1 each door of white or 1 of amber colour.
  • Single Cab Canopies – 2 each door of white or 1 of amber colour.
  • Tradie Trailers – 2 or 3 X1 5700k each side of trailer.
  • Campers – 2 to 3 X1 each side and 1 above cooking area.

Suitable for:

  • Canopies – Aluminium or fibreglass
  • Interior of vehicles, machines & cabins
  • Under bonnet or engine compartments
  • Under vehicle or machines
  • Reverse lights
  • Camp utility lights
  • Food preparation lights
  • Wheel arches or wheel wells
  • Boat hull or gunnels
  • Off grid homes and sheds
  • Workshop machinery – CNC
  • Underbody lights
  • Tradesman and work trailers
  • Caravans and campers


  • Fit Yourself at Home
  • Dimmable using the new Magic Touch Dimmer
  • Mount & Connect Accessories Available
  • 966 Raw Lumens – Easily Lights 30sqm
  • IP69K Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty

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Black Housing:

X1 – 5700k
X1 – 3000k Amber

White Housing:

X1 – 5700k Siberia
X1 – 3000k Siberia Amber

X- Strip Dual Colour LED Strip Lights

True 5000k white offers a much more pleasant experience at night while the 3000k amber will reduce insect & bug attraction up to 90%! That's right, you can enjoy the night, without the nightlife!

How many do I need?

  • Dual Cab Canopies – 60 or 90cm on doors, 1 each side.
  • Single Cab Canopies – 90cm on doors – 1 each side minimum
  • Tradie Trailers – 90cm on doors or inside – 1 each side minimum
  • Awnings -
    • 5x2.5 awning – 1x 90cm
    • 270-degree awning – 2 or 3 90cm on arms.

Suitable for:

  • Vehicle tailgates
  • Canopy doors and hatches
  • Interior lighting for wagons and boots
  • Cooking and food preparation
  • Camping and relaxing
  • Early morning starts for work
  • Sheds and work places
  • Interior and exterior lighting for homes – Off grid
  • ATV or UTV utility lighting
  • Tradesman and work trailers
  • Caravans and Campers


  • White, Warm White & Amber In One
  • Integrated Switches - No Need For Extra Parts
  • Dimmable with our Magic Touch Dimmer
  • Low Current Draw - Start Battery Safe
  • Screws and PH2 Phillips Tip Included
  • 100% Waterproof and Sealed
  • 5-Year Replacement Warranty

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30cm Dual LED Colour Strip Light
60cm Dual LED Colour Strip Light
90cm Dual LED Colour Strip Light

36cm Dual Colour Caravan Light (Coming soon)


X-Range Dimmers

The all-in-one dimmer! Our Magic Touch Dimmer works as a dimmer and on/off switch for circuits up to 3 amps. No need to have separate switches or dimmers anymore!


  • One-touch on/off
  • Touch & hold dimming function
  • Remembers your last setting
  • Plug and play with the entire X1 and X-Strip range and accessories.
  • Mount Included 

What's Included:

  • 1x Magic Touch Dimmer with terminated plugs
  • 1x UV Stabilized Silicone Mount with fasteners


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Magic Touch Dimmer
Wireless FOB Dimmer (Coming Soon)


X-Range Cables & Accessories

Extension Cables – 2 Pin

We’ve made life easier with our fully terminated extension cables range. If you’re not into soldering and just want the ease of plugging in and going, these extensions are for you! All of our accessories are interchangeable, meaning all our extension cables will work with our X-Strips and our X1 work light range.



  • X1 Range of Work Lights
  • All Strip Lights
  • X-Range of Accessories (Splitter cables, dimmers and power accessories)

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1m Extension Cable – X Range
3m Extension Cable – X Range
5m Extension Cable – X Range


Splitter Cables 

Make life easier with our power distribution splitter cables. 400mm long and fully terminated with our weather sealed connectors, it will make distribution power to multiple lights a breeze! If you’re wanting to reduce cable runs, ensure to add a splitter cable to the list.

Plug & Play with the X-Range of Lighting and Accessories. Including X1, X-Strips, Battery Cable & Dimmer.

What's Included:
• 1x 400mm 2 Pin Splitter Cable - 1 to 2 way or 1 to 4 way

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2-Way Splitter Cable
4-Way Splitter Cable


Power Cable – Battery Terminal

The battery is where it all starts! This is our quick-connect power cable for our X-Range of products. Fully terminated and circuit protected with a 5amp inline fuse, all you have left to do is connect it to your battery.

Plug & Play with the X-Range of Lighting and Accessories. Including X1, X-Strips, Battery Cable & Dimmer.

What's Included:

  • 1x 400mm Battery Cable Connector with inline 5amp fuse (included)

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Battery Connector Cable


Power Cable – Cig Plug Socket 3 Meter

Plug in and go with our long 3-meter cigarette lighter power cable. Our power cable is fully terminated with a cigarette socket/merit plug and our weather sealed connectors which suit the entire X-Range of work lights and strip lights. Our cable will bring a whole new level of portability to your work lights!

Plug & Play with the X1 Work Light Range & X-Strip Range and Accessories.

What's Included:
• 1x 3m 12V Cigarette Lighter Power Cable - 2 Pin Plug Suit X-Range

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3m Cig Plug Power Cable


X-Range Base & Brackets

Roof Rack Bracket Kit - X-Range

In true Teralume nature, we’ve made it an even easier mounting solution for our X1 work lights and X-RGB Rock Lights. Introducing the new rack mounting solution to suit Rhino-Rack trays and bars, and many other similar racks.

Our bracket is conveniently angled at 45 degrees to shine light where it's needed, whether that be the camp site or work site! No need to worry, our bracket system is a complete kit featuring a pair of brackets, 20 and 25mm channel nuts and all fasteners you will need for a DIY hassle free fitment.


  • Bloody strong! 4mm thick and E-Coated to excel in harsh environments
  • Can be used as a handle to assist in getting access onto the sidestep or rear bar of your vehicle
  • Multi-fit – 20mm and 25mm channel nuts included fitting various bars and racks
  • Adjustable fit – allowing you to retract or pull the light out from the rack for perfect fitment
  • Complete kit – All fasteners are included to suit the pair of brackets


Q: Do they fit the first-generation Rhino Rack Platform Rack?
A: That will depend on the position and your current accessories that you have fitted on your rack. Please refer to the size diagram to ensure a proper fit.

Q: Does the light come with the brackets?
A: No, the lights are sold separately.

Q: Do you need the rubber base when fitting?
A: The bracket is design to have the base fitted, however you can direct fit the X1 to the bracket also.

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X-Range Roof Rack Bracket Kit

30-Degree Base – X-Range

The 30-degree angled base is specifically designed to get the perfect angle, no matter where you choose to fit your lights!

• X6 and X8 RGB Rock Light Kit
• X1 Range of Work Lights

What's Included:
• 1x 30 Degree Angled Rubber Base – Suits all X1, X6 and X8 Rock Lights
• 2x 50mm M6 fasteners, washers and Nyloc nuts

• Allows the X-Range of LED Rock Lights to be on a 30-degree angle whilst still retaining a neat, flush fit.
• UV stable rubber – Can be mounted externally
• Longer fasteners included

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30 Degree Angle Base


Notched Tube Base – X-Range

Our newly developed notched base allows you to fit any X series product to 2.25 inch to 2.75 inch tube. Great for mounting to bull bars, roll bars and roof racks, our base allows for cable tie fixing or by screw/bolt.

• X6 and X8 RGB Rock Light Kit
• X1 Range of Work Lights

What's Included:
• 1x Tube Rubber Base – Suits all X1, X6 and X8 Rock Lights
• 2x Cable Ties
• Full Set Of Fasteners

• Allows the X-Range of LED Rock Lights to be mounted to the tube whilst still retaining a neat, flush fit.
• UV stable rubber – Can be mounted externally
• Can be mounted via screws, bolts or cable ties.
• Suits the entire Teralume X-Range.

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X-Range Notched Tube Base


X-Strip Light Pole Clips

Our newly developed pole clip allows you to fit any X Strip product to 20 - 28mm awning, tarpaulin or canopy/rack tube. Our pole clip attaches effortlessly to all of our strip lights and will ensure that your strip will stay retained during high wind and corrugations.


• All X-Strip Lights - 30cm, 60cm & 90cm

What's Included:
• 2x solid Polyethylene pole clips

• Made from solid Polyethylene material, your clips will stand up to UV exposure and harsh treatment.
• UV stabilized
• Only 2 required for all X-Strip lengths
• Suits 20mm - 28mm poles and tubes.

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X-Strip Pole Clips - Pair