Power Management Made Simple
XGO™ Lithium Power Hub

The XGO™ Lithium Power Hub is an advanced and innovative power management system that is set to revolutionize the way power is delivered and managed.

Designed, engineered and built in Queensland Australia, the XGO™ Total Power Management Hub is a comprehensive power management system designed to occupy the front wall of your canopy or the rear of your wagon. 

The XGO™ Power Hub designed to comprehensively manage large power demands for a variety of applications, including:

Canopies & Service Bodies: The XGO™ Power Hub is capable of powering and maintaining large and complex canopy and service body systems, providing reliable and consistent power for all the necessary equipment.

Expedition Vehicles: The XGO™ Power Hub is the ideal power management system for expedition vehicles, providing enough power to run all systems, appliances and devices on board, even in remote locations.

Government, Fleet Vehicles & Plant: The XGO™ Power Hub is designed to meet the demanding power requirements of government and fleet vehicles and plant, providing reliable and consistent power to keep them running smoothly.

Safety, Data Collection & Surveyor Vehicles: The XGO™ Power Hub is designed to power the various systems and equipment used in safety, data collection, and surveyor vehicles, ensuring that they can perform their tasks effectively and safely.

Expedition Trailers & Campers: The XGO™ Power Hub is a perfect fit for expedition trailers and campers, providing reliable and consistent power for all the necessary systems, appliances, and devices on board.

Power Solutions
XGO™ Lithium

Power up your devices and systems with Teralume Industries' XGO™ Lithium Battery Range. Designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, our lithium batteries are ideal for a wide range of applications, from off-road adventures and camping trips to medium to large power systems.

100% Australian made and available in a range of capacities, from 105ah to 470ah, our XGO™ Lithium Battery Range is equipped with high discharge LiFePo4 cells and a multi BMS system that ensures optimal performance and longevity. Compact and lightweight, our batteries are easy to install and can be charged quickly and efficiently. Choose Teralume Industries for the best in innovation and power solutions.

24v & 48v Tailored Lithium Soltuions

In an evolving world of technology, we're starting to see the requirements of power systems change to maximise space and increase safety. We have the ability to tailor cell arrangement and BMS configuration for 24v and 48v batteries. Call or email our team with your requirements.

We're Keeping It Local
Proudly Australian

Our Lithium range is 100% designed, built and tested in Queensland, Australia. Our PCB's, BMS's and DCDC chargers are also designed and assembled right here in Australia. We're standing by Australian manufacturing.