Our Vision, Mission & Goals

Who We Are

Our Vision

"Driven to inspire adventure, we aim to create state-of-the-art expedition gear that ignites the spirit of freedom and discovery. Revolutionising vehicles into platforms for soulful journeys in modified expedition vehicles, awakening the wanderlust in everyone.
‘Explore further, equipped better. “

Our Mission

"Our mission is to design and manufacture expedition gear that amplifies the journeying experience. We are committed to transforming ordinary vehicles into exceptional travel bases for all adventurers. By innovating relentlessly and pursuing excellence, we strive not just to redefine, but to elevate the off-road adventure experience, setting new industry standards. "

Our Goal

"Our goal is to achieve fitment and facilitation of 1,200 Teralume expedition canopies by 2025. This will empower thousands of Australians to embark on the road less travelled, creating unforgettable memories and experiencing the joy of off-road adventure. "

Trays & Canopy Solutions

Once again, we've thought of the modern adventurer & busy tradesman. Our trays and canopies offer enormous strength while remaining light weight with a modern, stylish appearance. Our aluminium canopies and vehicle trays are designed right here in Australia by certified engineers with the latest CAD model and simulation software.

Teralume offers various designs and configurations with an growing ecosystem of accessories and storage systems. We stand for functionality and form, we believe you should be able to upgrade and change your Teralume tray or canopy as life changes. It's important that our products integrate with other products and technologies on offer, and we've done just that! We've designed our accessories to accomodate popular storage solutions that are already mature in the market, like Rhino Rack for example.

Lithium Power Solutions

State of the art power management systems are just the start. Teralume Industries designs the most advanced CAN applicable power management systems in the world. Never seen before power systems offer seamless power and high load switching management from a unique and elegant chassis. Fully serviceable, with over the air update available, our power solutions offer world class reliability, flexibility and programmability.

Our power solutions are offered in multiple forms to accommodate for client requirements and is designed, tested and manufactured in Australia, by Australian Engineers.

LED Lighting & 12V Solutions

Teralume Industries is Australia's go-to provider for durable LED lighting solutions and 12v accessories for 4WD and outdoor adventures. Our wide range of high-quality products and committed customer service team ensures you'll never be left in the dark. Known for durability, performance, and backed by a comprehensive warranty, choose Teralume to illuminate your next adventure.

System Design & OE Capabilities

Teralume Industries has extensive experience in OE integration and system design. We have extensive resources across many industries and technologies with large capacity for modelling, design and consultation for automotive lighting and 12v Lithium Solutions.