General Questions

Teralume Industries has poured substantial resources into R&D for our entire product spectrum. Recognizing that our core products are crafted to endure harsh conditions, we refrain from offering custom fabrication, alterations, or size changes beyond what's specified on our tray and canopy pages.
Usually 5-8 weeks. Lead times are subject to fluctuations based on various factors. For the latest information on lead times, kindly reach out to our team at 07 5357 8775 or send an email to
Although Teralume Industries doesn't provide direct financing, we're pleased to suggest our reliable finance partner, AAA Finance. They've successfully assisted past customers in securing finance for tray, canopy packages, and complete vehicle builds. To check your finance eligibility, please follow the link in the menu.
When engaging in the sales process, you can decide whether to hold onto or part with your tub or existing tray. Our facility has limited storage capacity, so we cannot accommodate these items. Tubs that remain at our site after vehicles are outfitted and collected will be forwarded to salvage. It's essential to be aware that we cannot take responsibility for any tubs not picked up on the designated day.
We usually advocate for a GVM upgrade or at least upgraded your suspension, when possible. Think of it as equipping a racehorse for a marathon - it needs the right gear to perform optimally. Similarly, your vehicle, with its new tray and canopy, requires a solid foundation.

XGO Tray Questions

Teralume Industries has committed extensive resources to R&D for our entire product range. Although our core products are designed to tackle the toughest conditions, it's important to note that we do not provide custom tray fabrication. Any alterations or size adjustments are restricted to the options presented on our tray and canopy pages.
We provide tray sides tailored for our trays, both with and without a canopy installation. Our sides are designed to align perfectly with the length of our canopies, guaranteeing a consistent and precise fit every time.
Our tray weighs in at 261KG as a complete product.
Typically, most dual cab tubs weigh between 140-160kg. Our tray weighs in at 261kg, only 100-120kg heavier than your factory style side tub.
Our tray doesn't interfere or use the space for the spare tyre designed by the manufacturer. You are still able to use that space for your spare as intended.
We have developed our own fuel filler system that will allow both normal flow and high flow pumps. Our system allows the filler to located in front of the wheel guard and can be used on either side of the vehicle. We use SAE J1527 flexible fuel hose with a internally vented breather.
Yes, we have used the cavity in the headboard to mount a 35L gravity fed water tank with outlets on both sides of the front of the tray. We have a integrated lockable tap on the drivers side of the tray as standard.
Our trays are powder coated in a flat matte finished with a smooth light texture.
We're in development of a ladder rack system currently. Expected completion is early 2024.

XGO Canopy Questions

Sure can. Our canopies are fully braced and get their strength from the frame and sheet metal together. We rely heavily on our trusted unistrut frame that allows all accessories to be fitted with trust in the strength of the frame.
We don't have the network setup to be able to properly colour code doors to a vehicles specific colour. What we do notice is customers unbolt the doors them selves if they want colour coding and go to their preferred and trusted paint shop to get the job done.
Coming soon. We're currently testing a brand new style of solenoid lock that is a direct swap out with the mechanically locked locks. We are also creating a new module that will effortlessly work with our locks to allow a FOB or remote to actuate the door locks.
Certainly are! We have inegrated adjustment points on the doors themselves and also on the canopy gas strut mount to ensure you get the perfect height.
Those days are over! Teralume's gutter design is a mechanical drainage point, meaning it naturally will not get in. To ensure the hinge is also sealed, we have got a unique thin PVC material from the marine industry to ensure the hinge doesn't permeate water through it.
We have integrated nut rivets in the frame of our tray to mount your canopy. The nut rivets line up exactly with the pre drilled holes in the canopy so installation and removal is under 5 minutes.