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Excellent lights!

These lights work well, are super easy to install and are highly adjustable in colour and brightness. Love the amber setting for camping, and the bright white is great for finding what I need in the dark. I’ve put one under the lid of my ute tub to illuminate my fridge and camping gear, and another on my Darche side awning.

Fast chargers or nothing

This is a game changer to be able to charge up my phone from lowish % 20min drive and it’s good for the rest of the day,
Top quality,
Button to turn off if desired
Light to show you it’s on
Fused and sheath over wiring
*I fuse tapped into my fuses in the cab which made it easy
Ill be putting my 2nd charger behind centre console and connected to aux battery for a various constant charging station!

60cm Dual Color X-Strip Light
Paul K.

I have fitted a total of 2 x 30cm (on rear) and 2 x 60cm units (one each side) of my rack ( non- dimmable) and 2 x 60cm dimmable) ones on top and bottom of hatch. Why so many? The rack mounted ones provide a nice bright but not-too bright light for camping so I don't dazzle other campers nearby. The amber light provides an even less obtrusive light as well as it not attracting as much wildlife. I also plan on using it to provide extra visibility to oncoming traffic if parked up on a dark road. I also have it wired to a switching panel with flashing function if really need to be visible. (I know it's a grey area using flashing lights but my understanding is as long as vehicle isn't being operated and using in an emergency, should be OK). The 2 rear hatch ones light up the back of my SUV as well as the immediate rear area. I would say these LED strips wont light up your whole camp area like day - I have 3 rack mounted LED floods for this job - but meet their objective of providing localised 2-colour lighting in a weatherproof, compact package with convenient switching.

Excellent fitment and easy installation

Shipping to the US took a bit, but installation was easy and I'm pretty sure they can bee seen from space.

Motorbike driving lights

Installed a set of driving lights on my BMW GS 1250.
One word. AWESOME
Btw the lights arrived in 2 days

60cm Dimmable Dual Colour X-Strip Light
Damian R.
Great lights for the Ineos!

Installed some X-strip 600mm using pole clips on the Ineos Grenadier grab handles. Internally switched using factory Deutsch plugs. Turned out terrific! Quality awesome!

Teralume 65w Dual Quick Charge 3.0 PD / USB-C Charging

Excellent socket for charging. Mounted two of these to a custom headboard for charging batteries, phones and laptops. Very convenient way to fast charge.

I can see clearly now!

An awesome amount of light. Very happy with my purchase.

X1 Canopy Lighting Bundle Pack
Nicholas O.
bloody good

easy to install. white liggts very bright. i got an amber one for a different mood less intensity and its great.

dimmable featurre is brilliant.
ill probably buy more

X1 Work Light
John S.

Wired in two X1's either side of my Ford Ranger mounted off a vertical plate off the roof racks 1.2m apart using the 30° mounting bracket. I was blown away with the quality of the light had throw put out by the lights. Seamless crossover between the two lights oe no hot spots and fantastic light colour.

90cm Dimmable Dual Colour X-Strip Light
Keeley T.
90cm dimmable x strip

Great product

X1 Work Light
Steve H.
Great worklight used for assistant reverse light

Great product and quality. This X1 LED worklight serves its purpose extremely well and exceeds my expectations on it's light range seen through my reverse camera.

X1 30deg Base - Pajero NX Exceed MY16

Having a LED Strip installed on the rear door for sometime it was obvious that double sided tape was not going to work and did not give me the finish I wanted..after a chat with Brenton from Teralume in regards to using the 30deg base instead of flush mounting (refer pics) and some tests I have to agree that his recommendation was spot on…using the base provided better lighting at the rear and into the car for my build…installed a small switch at functional location and “voila” exactly what I was looking for…great lights and accessories…recommended…

X1 Roof Rack Brackets- Pajero NX Exceed MY16

After research for my install the X1 bracket fitted my needs to a “T” along with the obvious choice of the X1…
I have mounted them under slung the Rhino rack Batwing bracket…perfect on LHS of car for lighting when camping or trying to confirm the house number…simple and great design…

X1 - Pajero NX Exceed MY16

Firstly, apologies Teralume…I have installed all contrary to typical installs…but hey they work and look good…
These little babies work a treat for my set up…more information on the particular mounting arrangements can be found under the X1 bracket and X1 30deg rubber mount…
With the RF Remote my work lights can be turned on remotely and dimmed as required (new product)…
I wanted a off the shelf clean look to the install and after researching for sometime these babies fitted the bill…very happy with and would recommend the product…

8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
Luke W.

These lights deserve a 10 star review. I got the Icon 2’s within 3 business days. The next day I fitted them, coming from XTM Helios… I was absolutely amazed by the light output! The quality is great as well. Every cent was worth the purchase. I will be buying a lightbar from you in the coming months as well.

Sight 7 Inch Headlight Black
Wow, just…..WOW

Installed in a 1999 Land Rover Defender TD5. Fitting took a total of about 20mins!! I am impressed by the SHARP cutoff of the illuminated area so you don’t blind other drivers. Can’t wait to try them tonight and properly align them. The 2 driving lights you see in the pics are really good halogen ones installed in 1999! Being replaced later today by Gen2 Icons!! Can’t wait!!!

8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights

I bought this lights last week on Wednesday. Received them on Monday. Got them fitted on Tuesday. Tonight I went on my first drive with them, coming from XTM Helio’s to these amazing Icon Gen 2 spotties makes a MASSIVE difference to night driving. The light output shocked me, I was able to see a long way down the road, sign glare is minimum with these. Teralume, keep up the good work! I will be buying a lightbar to put on my roof in a month or two. WOW THESE ARE AMAZING!!!

8.5" Icon Gen 2 LED Driving Lights
nicolas e.
Feels illegal they are that bright

Awesome product highly recommend would be good if yous brought out a spread cover and a clear cover

The Best Canopy Lights!

I bought a total of 6 of the X1 amber lights with 2 seperate circuits. Each circuit has 2 lights in the doors and 1 in the canopy. Provides an awesome amount of warm light that is easy on the eyes. The mounts are custom made :)


Great product by Teralume the kit provides everything you need for a quick install. Worked great with my home built camper

X8 RGB Rock Lights - 8 Pack
Clinton S.
Rock lights

Great product but i have a 105 series cruiser and the connection lengths need to be a little bit longer for the passenger rear one. Its a metre short so have to get a new extension and the actual Bluetooth connection range is a little bit all over the place connects sometimes and doesn't have a great deal of range on it.all in all though really like it.

Try a green light, the

Try a green light, the colour works better for insects

X1 Work Light
Tavis L.
Better than expected

I was originally looking for something small in an LED or something Flush mounted. All the Flush mount ones were way to big and bright for my needs. came across these by accident, the size looked good and wouldn't get in the way or get damaged by cargo.

Wired them up (i bought 2) and turned them on... brighter than I expected, but not battery draining bright.

Once my lift is in, I'll probably buy again to use as rock lights under each wheel arch so my wheel cameras can spot all the rocks, holes and logs etc

40w Charge Work Light - Scene
Daniel c.
Worth every penny

Brightest light ive used and a really good bracket with great adjustment
I also bought the orange coverswich are brilliant when camping