Next Gen Ford Ranger and NF VW Amarok Fitment Guide

Teralume Industries, a leader in vehicle trays and canopies, is proud to present a closer look at our innovative approach to relocating BLIS sensors, reverse parking sensors, cameras, fuel filler, and wiring in the next-generation T6.2 Ranger and NF VW Amarok utes. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible is exemplified in our latest designs.

BLIS Sensor Relocation

In our pursuit of vehicle customization, we recognized the challenge of tray installations obstructing BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) sensors, which are vital for driver safety. Teralume Industries has developed a solution to relocate the BLIS sensors without compromising their functionality or removing vital storage from your tapered rear toolboxes.

In both the T6.2 Ranger and NF VW Amarok utes, we have skillfully moved the BLIS sensors to new positions that ensure their continued effectiveness while accommodating the installation of our trays. When we relocate the BLIS we have to consider the 3 degree of calibration tolerance in the OE settings. Our innovative approach guarantees that safety is never compromised when driving these powerful utes with added utility.

Reverse Parking Sensor Integration

Safety remains paramount in vehicle design, and reverse parking sensors are essential in helping drivers navigate tight spaces and avoid collisions when backing up. Teralume Industries understands the importance of preserving this functionality, even after installing one of our tray.

To achieve this, we have seamlessly integrated the reverse parking sensors into the tray design - for both 4 and 6 sensor systems. When parking your T6.2 Ranger or NF VW Amarok utes with a Teralume Industries tray, you can rely on the same parking assistance you'd expect from the factory configuration.

Rigid Chassis and Wider Platforms

Both the T6.2 Ranger and NF VW Amarok utes boast rugged and rigid chassis designs, providing the foundation for superior performance and durability. With their wider and longer platforms, these utes offer increased stability, making them ideal for various applications, including our 1850w trays.

Teralume Industries takes into consideration the dimensions of our 1850w trays when designing and fitting canopies. We ensure that the canopy seamlessly complements the ute's wider platform and robust chassis, providing not only added functionality but also an aesthetic harmony that enhances the overall look of the vehicle.

Tail Light CANBUS and Plug and Play Wiring

Our commitment to preserving the ute's electronic systems extends to the tail light CANBUS and wiring. Teralume Industries offers a plug-and-play wiring solution that seamlessly integrates with the vehicle's existing CANBUS network. This ensures that tail lights and other electrical components operate flawlessly, even with the addition of our tray.

360 Camera Recalibration

For those who opt for the 360-degree camera system, it's important to note that installation may require recalibration. Teralume Industries has the expertise and equipment necessary to perform this recalibration, ensuring that your camera system continues to provide a comprehensive view of your surroundings, maintaining safety and convenience.

Our take:

Teralume Industries' commitment to innovation and attention to detail shines through in our modifications for the next-generation T6.2 Ranger and NF VW Amarok utes. By relocating BLIS sensors, reverse parking sensors, cameras, fuel filler, and wiring without compromising CANBUS compatibility, we have opened up new possibilities for canopy installations while maintaining safety and functionality.

Whether you're a ute enthusiast looking to enhance your vehicle's utility or a business owner seeking a reliable workhorse, Teralume Industries' solutions for the T6.2 Ranger and NF VW Amarok utes offer a compelling combination of style, safety, and practicality. We are proud to be at the forefront of vehicle customization, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of utes in Australia.