Sight LED Headlight - ADR Compliance

Sight Headlight ADR Compliance Certificate

With a plethora of 7-inch headlight upgrades on offer, let's take 2 minutes to understand the legalities that circulate around upgrading from OE factory headlights.

Right Hand Drive vs. Left Hand Drive.

EVERY headlight on the market that does not state their ADR compliance certificate number should be considered a non-legal option in Australia.

Contrary to most other countries, Australians drive on the left-hand side of the road and are positioned as drivers on the right side of the vehicle. This greatly changes the way the headlight beam is emitted – even if its halogen!

You may notice that headlights emit a carefully directed beam in front of the vehicle. In Australia, your headlight will often project light to the left side of the road and cut off light directed to the right side of the road. This allows oncoming drivers not to be dazzled by the effect of powerful headlights.


Our Sight LED headlights will work with you after the sun goes down. With an ultra-precise beam cut off and powerful emitters, the Sight will provide a clean and powerful beam in front of the vehicle.

ADR Compliance

Very few manufactures in Australia will offer an ADR 00/46 compliant LED headlight upgrade. Passing the ADR certification, the headlights are deemed legal and will keep you in compliance with the law and your insurance policies.

We also recommend that you check with your local and state legislation, as every state in Australia has different rules and regulations, this information can be found on any department of main roads websites.

The Sight Headlight is fully ADR compliant and tested in a certified facility in Melbourne, Victoria.

ADR Compliance Number: 1524-0000CR-1 in relation to ADR46/00