Warranty Policy

Lighting & Accessories:

Our warranty applies to manufacturing or design defects only.
The warranty does not apply when:

• The item has been subject to misuse, alterations, neglect, negligence, damage or accident.
• The item has not been installed in accordance with the instructions.
• If the item has not been installed in line with the vehicle or equipment manufacturer's recommendations.
• Used with power supplies outside of the minimum & maximum voltage range and type.
• If evidence is found of unauthorised repair, disassembly, or modification.
• In the event your product is replaced, it will only be replaced with an identical product. We strictly do not offer an option to upgrade to an alternate product.
• Warranty applies to product only, any cost associated with original fitment, removal/replacement or diagnostics is not covered.
• Teralume Industries must receive a faulty product back before processing a warranty replacement item to be dispatched.
• The warranty period commences strictly from the date of original purchase. Warranty replacements carry the remaining time of the original warranty.


Our warranty does not extend to cover any cosmetic wear and tear on our products, such as coatings. Refrain from using harsh or petroleum-based cleaners on any part of the lights since this may lead to the failure of lenses and seals, diminished clarity, reduced light output, and potential damage to the powder coating.

Surface Coatings: Teralume Industries employs top-quality polyester UV-resistant powder coating for our products, which has demonstrated exceptional resilience under normal environmental conditions. Please note that we cannot cover any damage to the paint finish caused by chemical exposure or high salinity found in certain extreme environments.

Lens Damage: We utilize high-quality lens materials sourced from the most respected brands in our industry. Be aware that exposure to the chemicals listed below may cause the polycarbonate lenses to become brittle or develop a yellowish hue:

(Include the list of chemicals here, if needed.)

To ensure the durability and optimal performance of your Teralume Industries products, be cautious to prevent exposure to these detrimental chemicals.

• Acetic Acid Aq.
• Acetone
• Ammonium Carbonate Aq.
• Ammonium Chloride Aq.
• Benzene
• Calcium Hypochlorite
• Chloroform
• Chromic Acid Aq.
• Ethyl Acetate
• Ethylene Glycol Aq.
• Formaldehyde Aq.
• Citric Acid
• Heptane
• Hydrofluoric Acid Aq.
• Lubricating Oils (Petroleum)
• Methyl Ethyl Ketone
• Methyl Chloride
• Mineral Oils
• Oleic Acid
• Ozone
• Phosphoric Acid Aq.
• Toluene
• Turpentine
• Zinc Chloride Aq.

Some of these chemicals can be found in abrasive car and heavy machinery washing solutions. Well-known products like Rain-X & Armour All contain many prohibited chemicals. We strongly recommend avoiding any products containing these chemicals as damage because of chemical exposure will not be covered.

Our terms & conditions are in line with the Australian Consumer Laws - For more information about your rights under Australian Consumer Law, please visit www.accc.gov.au

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. 

XGO™ Tray, Canopy and Accessories:

Zenoptic Industries PTY LTD (ABN: 36 635 440 014) trading under the name Teralume Industries, offers a 36 Month warranty from the date of purchase.

Teralume Industries provides a 36-month warranty from the date of purchase, as indicated on digital receipts and physical invoices delivered with trays, canopies and aluminium accessories. We maintain accurate transaction records for your reference.

Teralume Industries warranty covers all structural and mechanical aspects of the item, including locks, gas struts, hinges, drawers, lights and bearings. The warranty is applicable to all levels of use (commercial, private, and trade) during the warranty period.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, or negligence, nor does it cover damage caused by natural disasters or severe weather events. Teralume Industries does not offer a warranty for surface damage (e.g, scratches, rust, or other surface defects to paint or powder coat) occurring over time. Any defects discovered within 24 hours of receiving the product must be reported immediately to Teralume Industries by calling 07 5357 8775 or emailing support@teralumeindustries.com.au; otherwise, the defect will be considered natural wear and tear.

The warranty becomes void if the product is used for an unintended purpose, altered in any way, or installed unsatisfactorily. Items given away during promotional periods or ‘scratch and dent’ sales are not covered by the warranty. Additionally, the warranty does not cover theft or attempted theft of items, or any resulting damage.

Warranty Claims:

To submit a warranty claim, report the issue directly to Teralume Industries or via email at support@teralumeindustries.com.au. Include full details of the product fault and provide photo evidence for assessment. Teralume Industries will first attempt to fix faults before offering a replacement.

If a product cannot be replaced, or a replacement isn't in stock for 30 days, a refund will be issued. The purchaser is responsible for all return freight costs. If a warranty claim is deemed illegitimate, the customer will be liable for all costs associated with the claim.