XGO™ Aluminium Canopy - 3/4 Length 1400mm
XGO™ Aluminium Canopy - 3/4 Length 1400mm
XGO™ Aluminium Canopy - 3/4 Length 1400mm
XGO™ Aluminium Canopy - 3/4 Length 1400mm
XGO™ Aluminium Canopy - 3/4 Length 1400mm
XGO™ Aluminium Canopy - 3/4 Length 1400mm

XGO™ Aluminium Canopy - 3/4 Length 1400mm

1400mm XGO Aluminium Canopy - Matte Black

The XGO Canopy range is the ultimate storage solution for work and play. Designed and engineered in Australia, the XGO is built to withstand the toughest conditions and is ready for any adventure. The fully braced and welded design offers enormous strength while still being lightweight.

  • Constructed from 2.5mm 5052 Marine Grade Aluminium, the canopy is durable and built to withstand the elements.
  • Fully internally braced with 50 x 50 x 3mm Unistrut
  • Automotive matte powder coat for added durability and UV protection 
  • Fully braced gull-wing doors with lock protection for easy access and security
  • Adjustable door height with twin gas struts for convenient use
  • Equipped with Whale Locks compression locks for added security
  • Full-length stainless piano hinge with a unique gutter design for durability
  • Automotive rubber pinch weld seals for a tight and secure seal
  • 2 lift-off points on each corner for easy installation and removal
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee warranty for peace of mind.

Upgrade your storage setup with the 1400mm XGO™ Canopy today. It is the perfect companion for all your adventures, inspiring you to explore further, equipped better.


1850mm Wide x 850mm High x 1400mm Long


Pick Up Available - Sunshine Coast QLD
Freight Australia Wide Available -

XGO™ 1400mm Aluminium Canopy

Introducing the Teralume Industries XGO™ 1400mm Aluminium Canopy: the ultimate adventure companion. Built from top-tier 5052 aluminium, it's lightweight yet robust, designed for work, travel, and rugged exploration. Its 1400mm length provides ample space for gear, ideal for job sites, camping, and off-road journeys. Easily mountable on most vehicle trays, it's your key to adventure. Dive into new terrains with the XGO™ Canopy and fuel your wanderlust today.

Storage & More

Enjoy over 2000 litres of storage while still preserving some tray space. Perfect for work, weekends, or expeditions, its 1400mm size fits tools, camping gear, and more, without taking up your entire tray. Ideal for job sites and adventures.

Style & Design

The XGO™ 1400mm Canopy is more than just a storage solution, it's a statement of adventure and freedom. With its sleek and modern design, this canopy is the perfect accessory for your vehicle. The high-grade aluminium construction and black gives it a clean and stylish look that will complement any vehicle.

Whale Tail Compression Locks

Two lockable compression locks are fitted to each door as standard, offering significant sealing qualities during harsh and rough conditions.

2 Stage Adjustable Doors

To ensure you can fit all the accessories you need on the roof, or simply be able to open the door in the garage, our canopies offer 2 stage door height adjustment.

Fully Braced and Engineered

Our 50x50mm Unistrut frame and 2.5mm sheet thickness offers the perfect rigidity to weight balance. You can fitout your canopy for work or play with total confidence

Open Plan Design

Full height doors with and flush floor offers space without compromise. Our height matched floor has allowed over 65mm extra door opening height!

Lift-Off Design

We offer complete modularity with out lift off design. Each corner has 2 lift off mounts integrated into the structural frame of the canopy.

Accessorize Your Way

Our canopies are designed to have accessories on the rear and roof to ensure you're making use for the important things inside!