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The all in one dimmer! Our Magic Touch Dimmer works as a dimmer and on/off switch for circuits up to 3 amps. No need to have separate switches or dimmers anymore!

• One-touch on/off
• Touch & hold dimming function
• Remembers your last setting
• Plug and play with the entire X1 and X-Strip range and accessories.

What's Included:
• 1x Magic Touch Dimmer with terminated plugs.

Soft Start

Think of a soft pillow of light - if you will. Our Magic Touch Dimmer has a industry first soft touch function, meaning your lights will adjust slowly to your eyes instead of a hard "on/off".

Touch & Hold

The Magic Touch doesn't need twisting or clicking, just a simple touch and hold for your required brightness. Simple and Magical.

Sleek & Modern

The Magic Touch is simple and sleek. We've bought dimmers in to the modern age, with a robust aluminium housing with our waterproof 2-pin plug and socket.

Function & Form

• 3amp Rated - up to 5x X1 or 5x 60cm Strips
• 10-100% intelligent dimming function - Wont hurt LEDs.
• On & Off functionality by a single touch
• Memory function - a simple touch will turn your light back on to the last recorded brightness
• Soft touch technology - everything is done to work with your eyes and not blind you
• Plug and play with pre terminated connections
• 5 Year Warranty