How to Install X1 Work Lights

In this article, we go through a full step by step guide for the X1 Work Lights. 


Tool Requirements:

10-13mm socket or open/ring end spanners - Used for removing the battery terminal
6x-10x cable ties - attaching the wiring harness to various parts of the vehicle
Side-cutters - cutting tails off cable ties
6-8mm drill bit

Time Requirement:

30-40 minutes

Skill Requirement:



1. X1 Placement 

Work out where you’re installing the X1. If you choose to mount them to a flush surface and need the wiring to come out the side of the rubber base, we suggest slicing the back of the rubber base to allow the wiring to seamlessly exit where you wish.

Note: 30 Degree Angled Base is an optional extra

X1 Work Light Mounting Options

2. Wiring Process

Understand where you want to wire the X1. These lights draw so little power you can wire them up to anything that has a live feed, for example, reverse lights, interior lights, or if you have a switchboard in your canopy etc. Usually, we suggest that you run these lights on a fuse if connecting to a switchboard a 1 amp or 2 amp fuse will be sufficient.

X1 Work Light Wiring Diagram