Wiring Auxiliary Lighting - Nissan Navara NP300 IPDM

How to correctly wire up auxiliary lighting to your Nissan Navara NP300 - D23

This guide is applicable to Nissan Navara NP300's with LED Headlights.

2015 - 2021:
Series 1-4

NP300 SL
NP300 ST
NP300 ST-X

To understand how to wire your harness into your vehicle, visit this article here.


If you have an NP300 with LED headlights, your vehicle will be equipped with an IPDM (Intelligent Power Distribution Module) which controls the CAN bus system around your headlights, along with many other electronic components which your vehicle. 

You must be very careful in adding auxiliary wiring harnesses which are triggered or source their signal from the factory wiring harness in your NP300. The IPDM is not designed to distribute amperage to higher-powered electronics, the IPDM will fail and result in costly repairs ($250-300 plus installation).


If your planning on fitting auxiliary forward-facing lights such as light bars and/or driving lights, you will be required to have them triggered only when the high beam is activated. To make this possible, you will need a wiring harness to pull a feed from the factory wiring, allowing the relay to trigger and activate your auxiliary lights.

Teralume Industries have taken a huge headache away, we've made a wiring harness that is IPDM safe and plugs directly into the back of your OE headlight. Our harness automatically calibrates to the negative switching in the NP300 and thus will not interfere with any CAN bus, making it 100% IPDM safe!

Headlight Adaptor Installation:

1. Disconnect the positive (+) and negative (-) battery terminals from the battery. Ensure they are safe from moving and touching anything else on the vehicle. We suggest wrapping them in electrical tape.

2. Remove the plug from your NP300 headlight. For simplicity, the passenger headlight is easiest as its closer to the battery and free from the airbox. Removal can be tedious as the plug release clip is underneath the headlight.

3. Once OE plug is free from the headlight, use our NP300 Headlight Adaptor and plug one end into the OE harness and the other back into the headlight. Its that simple!

Quick-Fit Nissan Navara D23 NP300 Piggy Back Adaptor