Your One Stop 4wd Outfitter

Unsure where to begin? Our team specializes in building hassle-free, ready-to-use tray and canopy packages that let get you on the road quicker.

Our all-inclusive packages come with a full power system featuring lithium batteries, inverters, our latest power hub, a Bushman fridge, drawers, jerry can holders, spare wheel holders and more. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our 10-year manufacturer's structural guarantee.

Our Comprehensive Ready To Run Packages Start From $28,490 Fitted

Our expanded service offerings include:

  • Complete tray and canopy installation.
  • Auto electrical services, covering inverters, solar systems, DCDC chargers, and battery setup.
  • LED lighting solutions for canopy and vehicle customization, suitable for work and fleet vehicles.
  • Installation of roof rack systems, including Rhino Rack and accessories.
  • Internal fit-outs and installations for canopies and vehicles.
  • Vehicle suspension upgrades to enhance load capacity and off-road performance.
  • 4x4 accessories and installations, including winches, bull bars, snorkels and GVM upgrades.
  • Roof top tent and awning installation - Bushwakka Dealer
  • Tailored advice and solutions for specific expedition and travel needs.
Internal Fitout & Lighting

Teralume Industries offers a range of fitout options for internal and external work and camp lighting, Bushman fridges and table drawers, enhancing your vehicle's functionality and comfort:

  • Internal Lighting Solutions: We provide a variety of LED lighting choices, including our famous dimmable dual-colour strip lights, X1 surface lights and Charge work lights, ensuring you've always got enough light!
  • Fridge Fitouts: Our fridge options, including the Bushman range, come in sizes like 85L or 130L. They're efficient, durable, and seamlessly integrate into your canopy for easy access and weight optimization.
  • Drawer Systems: Tailored to maximize storage efficiency, our robust drawer/table systems offer secure storage for tools and personal items.

Combining practicality with style, our fitouts are designed for adventure and convenience, maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Lithium Power Package

We're experts in lithium power solutions, dedicated to improving your vehicle's versatility. Whether you're an off-road adventurer or managing a professional fleet, our solutions are here to make a difference:

  • XGO™ Slimline Lithium Batteries: Available in 110ah and 150ah capacities, our batteries come with a built-in DCDC charger for faster installation and less hassle.
  • Victron Multiplus Inverter Charger: Choose from 2000VA and 3000VA models for the best power conversion.
  • XGO™ Power Hub: Our solution to complete power management. Our system offers you full control, monitoring, and protection for your canopy's power needs.

Ready To Run Package Features & Options

Premium Full Length Tray

Our fully optioned and engineered trays come standard with everything you need to get to you out there. Integrated water tank, full length trundle drawer and toolboxes are just some of the great features.

3 Canopy Sizes

Choose from 3 sizes of our uniquely designed canopy. Featuring a flush door opening, meaning no false floor required, full height door and internal channel frame, mounting accessories is a walk in the park.

XGO™ Lithium Battery Storage

Exclusive to Teralume is our Australian Made XGO™ Lithium Batteries, featuring integrated DCDC charger with industry leading discharge capabilities for demanding inverters and heavy duty appliances.

XGO™ Power Management Hub

The XGO™ Total Power Management Hub is our answer to power management. Featuring 12v and 240v load monitoring, 8 channel DC output along with DC chargers, input and outputs.

Easily Mount Accessories

No need to drill holes in your canopy, you can now non intrusively mount your internal accessories with our channel frame

Internal Channel Frame

Our 3mm internal channel frame is not only incredibly strong but it also makes light work of fitting accessories without drilling holes.

Victron Multiplus Inverter Chargers

Feel right at home with 240v household style power at the flick of a switch. The Victron range of inverter chargers offer a simple and reliable solution to high current draw appliances when on the road.

Unique Tapered Drawers

Our toolbox door is actually a slide out drawer that allows further versatility without everything falling out when you open the toolbox

Headboard Water Tank

Enjoy 35L of water on demand. Gravity fed with outlets on both sides of the tray and integrated tap, you can take advantage of always having water onboard

Full Length Trundle Drawer

Put those longer items in the full length trundle drawer. We have designed the drawer to roll out on bearings, not telescopic runners

Integrated Tie Down Points

If you need to back to a tray for the weekends or work, no problems. 3 integrated tiedown points are mounted to the 4mm external frame, allowing you to tie down your cargo easily.

Expedition Wheel Holder

If your short on space for another spare tyre or simply want to carry an extra, the Expedition Wheel Holder is the answer. With plenty of adjustability, you'll be able to fit up to a 37 inch tyre.

Expedition Jerry Can Holder

Our favourite accessory yet! Enjoy the benefit of our easy to reach Expedition Jerry Can Holder. Carry an extra 20L of fuel or water on demand in our lockable holder.

Integrated Fuel Filler

Teralume's own proprietary fuel filler system allows you to fill your vehicle with standard and high flow pumps. Our filler is also Internally vented with a breathable cap.

No False Floor

Our unique floor design means you don't have to add a heavy and cumbersome false floor. We have also integrated a channel system in the floor for easy fitout installations.

Camera and Sensor Relocation

At Teralume Industries, we understand the importance of safety features in your vehicle. That's why we have developed a unique solution that allows us to relocate OE safety features such as reverse cameras, 360 cameras, blind spot monitors, cross-traffic monitors, and reverse proximity parking sensors. This means you don't have to compromise on safety when upgrading your vehicle with one of our high-quality trays or canopies.

Our experienced fitment centres are equipped with the technical expertise and parts to ensure your safety features are relocated correctly, so you can have peace of mind on the road.
  • PX1, 2 & 3 Ranger
  • Next Gen Ranger / Raptor
  • Volkswagen Amarok 2012+ Including 2023 new release
  • Dmax / BT50 2012+
  • Toyota Hilux N80 with and without 360 camera
  • GWM Canon with and without 360 camera
  • LDV T60 with and without 360 camera
  • Holden RG Colorado
  • Mitsubishi Triton MR, MN
  • Nissan Navara D23 NP300 (inc BSM)
A common reason for needing to relocate sensors is when installing an aftermarket tray or canopy on a vehicle that already has OE safety features installed. The sensors, such as reverse proximity parking sensors, blind spot monitors, cross-traffic monitors, and cameras, are typically located on the original tray or bumper of the vehicle, which is often removed when installing an aftermarket tray or canopy. Relocating the sensors allows the safety features to continue functioning as intended, ensuring the safety of the driver and other road users.
In most cases, the sensors cannot simply be bolted back up anywhere. The sensors are typically designed to work within specific parameters and have specific requirements for their location and orientation in order to function properly. If the sensors are not relocated correctly, they may not work as intended, or they may not work at all. This could result in a loss of functionality or even a potential safety hazard. Therefore, it's important to have the sensors relocated by a qualified professional who understands the requirements and can ensure that they are installed correctly.